Xbox Series X Specs, Release date, price, and more

With the PS5 on it’s way Microsoft is set to release it’s next generation console sometime around the holidays in 2020.┬áThe name of the next generation console is Xbox Series X. The look of the Xbox Series X is similar to that of a compact computer tower. The system will have extensive cooling features as well as having minimal noise based on the hardware and system design. Here is a breakdown of the specs, price, release date, and more.

Xbox Series X Logo



The Xbox Series X will use AMD’s Zen 2 CPU which is confirmed to be four times more powerful than the CPU of the Xbox One. The Xbox Series X will also use a AMD Navi-based GPU which is confirmed to be twice as powerful as the GPU of the Xbox One. Like the PS5 the Xbox Series X will use ray tracing which is a sophisticated lighting system. Xbox Series X will also use a SSD drive which is comparable to what gaming PCs use. There are no specific numbers yet and these are just leaks. With that said it is still safe to assume the hardware will be significantly more powerful than previous generation consoles.



The Xbox Series X will be able to output 4k as well as having the capacity to output 8K. The difference between 4k and 8k is barely noticeable by the human eye. However it still has many people excited.



The controller for the Xbox Series X will look similar to the Xbox One with some changes. One feature is an updated D pad as well as a share button placed in the middle of the controller. The controller will be able to be used with the Xbox One as well as a Windows 10 PC.


Disk Drive

Both the Xbox Series X and the PS5 will continue to use disk drives to play games as well as other media including 4k movie disks as well as Blu-ray disks. It is important to note that if Microsoft does a release a budget friendly next generation console then it is likely that the console will be disk free.


Backwards Compatibility

Just like the PS5 the Xbox Series X will allow backwards compatibility with previous generation consoles, in this case being the Xbox One. However, the Xbox Series X outdid themselves by allowing full backwards compatibility with every generation of Xbox games as long as the game supports backwards compatibility. This is something that the PS5 will not allow which could be a main selling point for the Xbox Series X.



The Xbox Series X will not have as many launch games as the PS4 which is not surprising since the PS4 has always had more exclusive titles than the Xbox One. One of the games in development for the Xbox Series X is Halo Infinite which will likely be the most popular game.



The launch price of the Xbox Series X is expected to be around $400-$450. It is not confirmed but if Microsoft does release a budget disk free console (Lockhart) then it is expected for the console to be priced at around $300-$350.


Release Date

Unlike the PS5 The Xbox Series X is not as specific with it’s release date. The only time frame that is confirmed is around The holidays in 2020 which means it will almost definitely come out around the same time as the PS5.


This is all the information that is known about the Xbox Series X so far. So far the new generation consoles seem like a big upgrade from prior generation consoles.