How to Use Scales for Hip Hop and Rap Production

Scales are an important part of Hip Hop production as well as a lot of other genres of music. Learning multiple Scales and keys can enhance your playing and really take your Hip Hop production to another level. There’s a lot of different scales with many of them sounding different and unique in their own right. A lot of minor scales are popular in Hip Hop but other scales can also be used like Phrygian or Locrian. Each scale has different keys. When layering instruments almost all of the time the key and scale remains the same. Sometimes it can be a mix of scales but usually its one scale and one key throughout the track. is a great website to learn about scales as well as different modes. Feel free to look up videos on YouTube as well.


It takes a little bit of practice to use scales but after a while you will be able to able to use certain chords and notes so really create a unique sound and vibe. A scale repeats of and down the keyboard allowing you to combine multiple octaves. This allows you to really come up with multiple patterns which can seem endless after enough practice. One big tip is to not really use your computer keyboard as a midi if you can help it. Learning scales and theory on a computer keyboard forms bad habits and is just not practical since it is not an instrument. Also when getting a midi, Try to get a 49 key or preferably 61 since 61 gives you 5 octaves allowing more freedom when you play. For example, a 25 key midi may seem great since its portable but it lacks the lower and high octaves on the keyboard which means you have to press the octave up or down button to get to the octave you want as apposed to just going up or down on a 61 key midi. It depends on how in depth you are playing but if interested in learning scales and really taking advantage of multiple octaves it is recommended to get at least a 61 key midi even though a 49 key is still somewhat acceptable. If you really want to have full control of each octave and you have the room, you can go with a 73 key if desired.