Are Beats by Dre headphones good? 

Beats by Dre headphones are known more or less as the expensive headphones with booming bass. Beats headphones are popular around the holidays. They have different styles and types to choose from as well as different colors. Without paying much attention to specifications and details one might think a pair of Beats headphones is a good buy. These are the reasons why Beats headphones may not be as good as they seem.

Build quality
Beats by Dre headphones are made out of mostly plastic. They get a good score for looks since they look nice. Other then that the material is known to be susceptible to cracks and breakage. One drop and they’ll most likely break. People have also complained about the left or right ear phone shorting out. If you take care of them then they may last for a while but with the price tag it’s a no for me.

Sound quality
The sound quality isn’t bad it’s just not very good ether. They are promoted as headphones with studio like bass but the bass isn’t as clear as it could be. Its rather on the muddy side which drowns out the mids and highs which to began with didn’t sound to clear. The mids and highs sound suppressed. You can get a pair of Audio Technica ATH – M50 for $150 which will sound better then the mids and highs on most pairs of beats. The bass isn’t as muddy and sounds a lot more accurate without drowning out the mids and highs.

So with all this is mind are beats by Dre headphones worth the price tag? In my opinion no. People make decisions without realizing what else is available for the same or better price. It is up to you however I would take some time and review better headphones on the market.