Why it’s important to have a strong password

A password is used to log into an account such as your Youtube or Facebook account. Having a strong password is very important. A weak password can be easier to obtain. A password such as *ocean* can be relatively easy to crack. A password such as *Ju83]@)+17!80l^+<* can be alot harder and take a lot longer to obtain with a good chance of never having success. Dictionary/brute force attacks are programs that generate possible character combinations. This makes obtaining a password such as *ocean* or *forest* relatively easy to obtain.

When creating a password you should use a combination of numbers, letters, and symbols. This makes the possible number of combinations alot higher as apposed to using just numbers or just letters. Use a total of at least 15 characters in your password. Never use any personal information or words from the dictionary. Also make sure you never use the same password on any of your sites. It is a good idea to write down passwords and put them in a place where you can remember them. 

Two step verification 

Two step verification is a process where after you enter your password a code is sent to your email address or mobile number as a text or a prompt. You then ether accept the prompt or enter the code on the site you are trying to log into. It is probably best to have the code sent to your number since your phone cannot be accessed by anybody else unlike an email address. 

Having both a strong password and two step verification enabled will ensure that your account is highly secured. Even though these two important factors will keep your account safe it is always best practice to never click on spam/phishing email, download untrusted software on the internet, or have a computer with software thats out of date or lack of internet security such as no anti-virus. Information stealing malware is somewhat rare on a smartphone but is possible so it doesnt hurt to use anti-virus on a smartphone.

With all the criminal activity on the internet having an account secured such as paypall is one of the most important parts of staying safe. 


Is jogging too much bad for you? 

Jogging is known as a great way to exercise. It is also a great way to burn calories and relieve stress. Jogging has many benefits which make it worth while. Although jogging is beneficial there has been some debate on wether or not jogging too much is bad for you. The short answer is yes, jogging too much can be bad for you.

It is recommended to only jog three days per week for a total of one to two hours. The days should be spaced out throughout the week. The American College of Cardiology concluded that Pushing the limit jogging every day for long periods of time can be worse for your health compared to not jogging at all. Also that heavy duty runners also have a lower life expectancy compared to those who didnt run at all. 

Sprinting is different from jogging. With that said jogging to quickly can also be bad for your health. It is best to jog at a moderate steady pace while jogging on the balls of your feet. This also insures that not to much force is being sent into your knees. 

Jogging alone is not as bad for your knees as some people claim. It can actually be beneficial. However applying to much pressure to the ground or jogging to quickly can be a little harsh on your knees. Too much jogging can be bad for the knees. If you already have arthritis or have pain and discomfort in your knees it is always best to address these issues with a doctor before deciding to jog. Jogging on the balls on your feet at a steady moderate pace while applying minimal force to the ground will ensure your knees stay safe. 

This one might sound a little scary but were talking about alot of jogging. Too much jogging for long periods of time can cause microtears in the heart. They will heal but can cause heart problems down the road. As an average runner you shouldnt have to worry. People at risk are the ones who compete in marathons. For example an elite runner will sometimes run around 100 miles in a week. 

So with all this said just make sure that your not over doing it and you’ll be just fine. 

I’m back

So about a month later I finally have an updated domain where I can apply for ads after I get enough traffic. I could have waited and got the premium plan so I can automatically put ads on my page but my funds were tight and I didnt want to wait. I ended up going with the personal plan.

With that said I’m here to stay. My goal is to share my knowledge and information with the world and I am glad that I am able to start blogging again. I was hesitant with picking thebloggingpot.com which was the same site as the previous just without .wordpress added. The reason why is duplicate content. However I went with it because I’ve been told that if the site is deleted then there should be no conflict of indexing so im not to worried.

I just got done setting up my widgets and site content. It looks like its good to go. Now its time to start posting articles about a wide range of topics that anybody can find interesting and be worth their time.

Thankyou everybody please let me know if you have an questions or feed back. Happy blogging.