ps4 vs xbox one

Ps4 and Xbox one have been the new generation consoles for a few years now. They can both do alot of the same like watch movies, play games, use apps like Netflix, and play online. Both systems are similar in what they do however sometimes one can have the advantage over the other in certain departments. Here we are going to look at the differences and how each system compares to one another. We’re going to be comparing the original ps4 and Xbox one along with the newer ps4 pro and Xbox one x. The main update is hardware and graphics with everything else relatively staying the same.


Video game graphics have gotten pretty advanced. With the latest generation consoles, game developers are able to display high definition graphics with alot happening at once. Here we’re going to compare the original ps4 and Xbox one and then the ps4 pro and Xbox one x since the newer models have updated hardware and graphic specifications

Ps4 vs Xbox one – The ps4 and and the Xbox one Both have similar graphics just like the ps3 and Xbox 360. Ps4 has more games in 1080 p then Xbox one does. The ps4 is significantly more powerfull in terms of hardware and graphics giving it the slight edge in graphics. However side by side both systems look great.

Ps4 pro vs Xbox one – Microsoft outdid themselves with the Xbox one x due to competition with the ps4 pro. The Xbox one x plays games closer to native 4k resolution then the ps4 pro. For example the evil within 2 is 1800p on the Xbox one x and 1280p on the ps4 pro. Ps4 does a good job at upscaling and comes close to 4k but the Xbox one x displays the highest resolution. You won’t be able to notice a huge difference overall but certain games do look better on the Xbox one x. Also because of the stronger hardware, game developers can push the graphics and do more with the Xbox one x then the ps4 pro currently and in the future.


The hardware between the updated higher resolution consoles and the original consoles is significantly different so both are going to be reviewed.

Ps4 vs Xbox one – The original ps4 outperforms the Xbox one in terms of hardware. The ps4 uses a AMD cpu processor clocked at 1.6 Ghz. The gpu is 1.84 teraflops. The gpu has 18 compute units at 800 mhz. The Xbox one uses the same processor clocked at 1.75 Ghz. The gpu has 1.3 teraflops. The gpu has 12 compute units clocked at 853 mhz making the ps4s gpu about 50 percent stronger then the Xbox one. Both have standard blu ray drives.

Ps4 pro vs Xbox one x – This time it’s the other way around and the Xbox one x significantly outperforms the ps4 in terms of hardware which is why it’s more expensive. Xbox one x has a memory bandwidth of 326 Gbps while the ps4 pro has 218 Gbps. Both have hefty one terabyte hard drives. The gpu of the Xbox one x has 6 teraflops while the ps4 pro has 4.12. The Xbox one x has 12 gb gddr5 ram. The ps4 pro has 8gb of gddr5. The Xbox one x has a cpu speed of 2.3 Ghz. The ps4 has a speed of 2.1 Ghz. Both use custom 8 core processors. Xbox one x has a drive for 4k movies while the ps4 pro only has a blu ray drive.


The price for both online memberships is around the same. The price may have changed after this article was posted. You need online to play any online multiplayer mode. Both online memberships have perks like receiving two free games per month. Don’t expect anything crazy the games are usually older and not expensive.


The original Xbox one is cheaper then the original ps4, however due to the competition between Sony and the ps4 pro Microsoft made the Xbox one x more powerfull which set the price tag at about 100 dollars more then the ps4 pro. At the time of this article the ps4 pro is $399.00 and the Xbox one x is $499.00


In most peoples opinion the ps4 has the better game selection. This doesn’t mean Xbox one doesn’t have good games. It simply just means that ps4 has more exclusive titles and remasterd titles from ps3. The Xbox one uses an emulator to play 360 games. Most popular titles for the 360 are available.


The ps4 controller doesn’t need batteries. The Xbox one x controller needs batteries unless you buy a $25 battery pack.


The virtual reality for the ps4 takes the lead for extra features and innovation. The connect for the Xbox isn’t as successful. The Xbox one can integrate your cable box signal to easily switch between games and tv.

Xbox one s

Xbox one s can stream video in 4k. It can also play 4k blu rays. It upscales games to a higher resolution like the ps4 pro.

So which system should you choose? Well it’s all about preference. Ps4 does have the better games but that is still just an opinion. In the end both consoles can pretty much do the same with the main difference being games and features like virtual reality. The desicion is up to you. I would recommend the ps4 based on games and because without batteries the Xbox one x controller needs a $25 dollar charging kit.


Are energy drinks bad for you? 

Are energy drinks bad for you? Energy drinks such as redbull or monster are popular inside of convenience stores. They are similar to coffee because they both contain caffeine. Although red bull and monster contain caffeine they also contain other ingredients such as taurine. Taurine is a stimulant and when mixed with caffeine as well as other ingredients, it can enhance the effects of caffeine.

The EFSA confirmed in 2015 that ingredients in energy drinks are safe. This should not be overlooked. Reguardless of this statement energy drinks should not be consumed more then once a day if at all. If you work long hours it is best to find an alternative. Coffee should also be limited through out the day.

The ingredients inside of energy drinks mixed with caffeine can have negative effects on the body if consumed to much. Calcium Oxalate can be found in energy drinks and soda which over time can increase the likelihood of developing kidney stones. It is probably best to avoid energy drinks and find replacements.

What is the best martial art? 

If you’ve been thinking about joining a martial arts gym and can’t decide on which type of martial art to start training then this might make options clearer for you. There are different types of martial arts and each one offers something different. People have their opinions but not every martial art is equally effective. This list will explain the different types of the most effective martial arts and how effective each one is compared to the other.

  • Boxing –  Boxing is one of the most effective martial arts. They say most street fights end up on the ground but not if you have the ability to keep it standing up. Boxing will teach you how to throw fast powerfull punches while evadings your oppenents strikes with blocks and head movement. One solid punch from a trained boxer and you might get knocked out cold. Since boxing only focuses on hands its possible to get good at boxing relatively quicker then some other martial arts. If your looking for a good workout, solid self defense, and a little bit of sparring( if you choose to spar ), then boxing is an excellent choice. 
  • Kickboxing – Kickboxing uses only punches and kicks unlike muay thai. Muay thai is slightly different from kickboxing. I recommend it over kickboxing because of its diverse attack and effectiveness
  • Muay thai – Muay thai is the art of eight limbs. Punches, knees, kicks, and elbows are used. A muay thai kick lands with the shin and is very dangerous. If thrown hard enough it can break someones leg. Muay thai also uses boxing technique so as a striking art muay thai is the most diverse which makes it a very effective form of martial arts. 
  • Wrestling – Wrestling is mostly about control and position. Wrestling is great for self defense but similar to jiu jitsu it is limited with multiple oppenents. It consists of grappling and takedowns.
  • Jiu jitsu – Jiu jitsu is grappling with submissions. It is traditional to wear the uniform which is called a gi but it is also practiced with no gi. It is simillar to wrestling but different in terms of positions, submissions, and control. Jiu jitsu is great but not being trained as a striker can make a altercation difficult with multiple opponents. Havig a little boxing training mixed with jiu jitsu is always a good idea. Jiu jitsu and wrestling can both be effective forms of defense but jiu jitsu has the slight edge because of the submissions which is effective in the street.
  • MMA – Mixed martial arts is a mix of different martial arts as the name implies. MMA gyms will have boxing, muay thai, wrestling, and jiu jitsu coaches. MMA is perfect for self defense. You can subdue an out of control person or defend yourself with strikes. MMA might be the best form of self defense because of the different scenarios it can deal with.
  • Krav maga – Krav maga is one the most effective martial arts. Its main focus is self defense which covers multiple attackers, knife defense, and gun defense. If you live in a high crime area or just feel the need to be ready for anything then krav maga might be for you. 

    Which martial art is the most effective and best to learn? Well look up some videos and see which one you might like best. If its for self defense any of the striking arts listed will do well. Unless you know how to fight standing up or plan on learning both then I would leave jiu jitsu by itself out of the picture if your talking strictly about self defense.

    I didnt list karate or taekwondo because these martial arts arent as effective as the ones that I listed. This is just my opinion. They are great fun martial arts just not as effective as others. Good luck training. 

    Is whey protein bad for you?

    Whey protein is a protein supplement used by athletes, body builders, and average women, or men trying to build muscle or optimize athletic performance. Alot of people are quick to have a protein shake or two throughout the day without thinking about if they really need it. Is whey protein bad for you? 

    Whey protein is one of the proteins found in milk along with casein. It is seperated from the casein or formed as a by-product of cheese making. Is is a complete protein with all 9 essential animo acids. It is has many benefits that can also come from a real food diet. If one is to consume whey protein the suggested amount is 20-25 grams a day or less depending on your needs. 

    It is recommend to get your protein from a healthy diet and not protein supplementation. To much whey protein can put strain on the liver and kidneys, increase body fat, and cause other health issues. It is important to know how much whey protein to consume if you decide to consume it. Usually one serving a day is enough which is right around the suggested daily intake.

    Knowing how many grams of protein per day is important. The DRI( Dietary Reference Intake) is 0.36 grams per pound of body weight. This is 56 grams per day for the average sedentary man and 46 per day for the average sedentary women. For athletes or more active people protein consumption is 0.5-0.7 grams per pound of body weight. If an athlete weighs 150 pound the protein intake per day should be 75-85 grams of protein per day.

    So is whey protein bad for you? It can be if you consume to much. Always remember to limit your daily intake if you decide to use it and allways get most if not all of your protein from a healthy protein diet. Since protein powder is processed your best bet is to get protein from fish, nuts, beef, chicken, and other real protein foods.