PS5 VS Xbox Series X – Which System is Going to be More Worth it?


The PS5 is coming closer and closer at becoming the next generation console. With the PS4 being around for about seven years since it’s release date in 2013, it’s time for the next generation console to take it’s place. Here is a breakdown of what the PS5 has to offer as far as price, specs, release date, and other information. It is important to note that the PS5 will apparently have unique elements which have not yet been announced.


PS5 Logo



It is confirmed that the PS5 will use a modified third-generation eight-core Ryzen 3 CPU as well as advanced Navi-based graphics that will allow ray-tracing which is a sophisticated lighting system used in PC gaming systems that improves gaming visuals as well as audio. Sony is also adding custom hardware for 3D audio resulting in a drastic change since the audio from PS3 from PS4 did not change much. The PS5 will contain a SSD which already proved to result in faster load times when playing Spiderman on the PS5. The load time from transitioning to a different environment went from 15 seconds to .8 seconds which is obviously very impressive. It’s safe to say that it should at the very least reduce startup and load times, with online load times expected to be faster as well.



The PS5 will be have the capacity to output in 4k and 8k. This jump is barely noticeable to the human eye making the jump to 8k resolution less of a big deal this time around.



The Dualshock5 is going to look similar to the Dualshock4 but will include significant changes. The Dualshock5 will not feature the lightbar the PS4 controller had and will also have different sized triggers. The PS5 controller will feature USB micro-c charging which is a step up from The micro-b the PS4 had. It will also have a built in microphone at the base. A major feature which is being focused on is Haptic feedback which makes in game experiences feel different from one another simulating various actions. For example crashing a car will feel different from driving a car in mud or rain. The Dualshock5 will also feature a larger touch pad.


Disk Drive

Like the PS4 the PS5 will come with a disk drive which will play games and media such as 4k and Blu-ray disks.


Backwards compatibility 

The PS5 has been confirmed that it will be able to play PS4 game disks unlike the PS4 as well as the PS3 which both lacked backwards compatibility for prior console game disks. This means that even though the PS5 will be able to play PS4 games it will not play PS1, PS2, or PS3 games which is to be somewhat expected. In this scenario it is assumed most people are grateful that the PS5 has PS4 compatibility. It is interesting to note that only the original model of the PS3 allowed backwards compatibility for PS2 and PS1 game disks.



A few game titles have been confirmed for the PS5. Godfall is a game that is being created by the borderlands studio Gearbox along with the help of Counterplay Games which is the studio that worked on God of War. The game is apparently going to be solo along with co-op options. Another title is Black Ops 5 which is expected to be a cross-gen game for the PS4 and PS5. A few more to take note of are Horizon Zero Dawn 2 and God of War 2. God of war 2 is going to be a hit given that the first one was so successful



The official price of the PS5 remains unknown but it is expected to be somewhere between $400 and $500. Being that the PS3 list price was $599 it is possible that we might see the same with the PS5 or even something more outrageous like $650. Since the PS5 is supposed to rival gaming PCs the price point at launch could be well over $500 or even $600 likely making it more expensive than Microsoft’s next generation Xbox console.


Release date

The PS5 is confirmed to be released between October and December in 2020 during the holiday season. It has been rumored that the release date may be November 20th but this is just a leak and has not yet been confirmed. Ether way it will most likely be released before December giving people enough time to get a hold of one before Christmas.


That pretty much sums up what is known about the PS5. With the release of the PS5 It seems like the PS4 would go strong at least for a while since it does have a decent library of games as well as multiple remasters.


Xbox Series X Logo

With the PS5 on it’s way Microsoft is set to release it’s next generation console sometime around the holidays in 2020. The name of the next generation console is Xbox Series X. The look of the Xbox Series X is similar to that of a compact computer tower. The system will have extensive cooling features as well as having minimal noise based on the hardware and system design. Here is a breakdown of the specs, price, release date, and more.


The Xbox Series X will use AMD’s Zen 2 CPU which is confirmed to be four times more powerful than the CPU of the Xbox One. The Xbox Series X will also use a AMD Navi-based GPU which is confirmed to be twice as powerful as the GPU of the Xbox One. Like the PS5 the Xbox Series X will use ray tracing which is a sophisticated lighting system. Xbox Series X will also use a SSD drive which is comparable to what gaming PCs use. There are no specific numbers yet and these are just leaks. With that said it is still safe to assume the hardware will be significantly more powerful than previous generation consoles.


The Xbox Series X will be able to output 4k as well as having the capacity to output 8K. The difference between 4k and 8k is barely noticeable by the human eye. However it still has many people excited.


The controller for the Xbox Series X will look similar to the Xbox One with some changes. One feature is an updated D pad as well as a share button placed in the middle of the controller. The controller will be able to be used with the Xbox One as well as a Windows 10 PC.

Disk Drive

Both the Xbox Series X and the PS5 will continue to use disk drives to play games as well as other media including 4k movie disks as well as Blu-ray disks. It is important to note that if Microsoft does a release a budget friendly next generation console then it is likely that the console will be disk free.

Backwards Compatibility

Just like the PS5 the Xbox Series X will allow backwards compatibility with previous generation consoles, in this case being the Xbox One. However, the Xbox Series X outdid themselves by allowing full backwards compatibility with every generation of Xbox games as long as the game supports backwards compatibility. This is something that the PS5 will not allow which could be a main selling point for the Xbox Series X.


The Xbox Series X will not have as many launch games as the PS4 which is not surprising since the PS4 has always had more exclusive titles than the Xbox One. One of the games in development for the Xbox Series X is Halo Infinite which will likely be the most popular game.


The launch price of the Xbox Series X is expected to be around $400-$450. It is not confirmed but if Microsoft does release a budget disk free console (Lockhart) then it is expected for the console to be priced at around $300-$350.

Release Date

Unlike the PS5 The Xbox Series X is not as specific with it’s release date. The only time frame that is confirmed is around The holidays in 2020 which means it will almost definitely come out around the same time as the PS5.
This is all the information that is known about the Xbox Series X so far. So far the new generation consoles seem like a big upgrade from prior generation consoles.

Is Incense Smoke Bad for Your Health? Incense Smoke Health Risks

Burning incense can seem safe but did you know incense smoke can actually have negative effects on your heath that are similar to second hand smoke? Inhalation of incense smoke can over time cause health problems which can be potentially serious. Studies have shown that long term exposure to incense smoke in your home can put you at an increased risk of heart disease and cardiovascular related deaths. Also a lot of incense are treated with chemicals and other harmful ingredients.


Different types of incense can have different effects since not all incense is made the same. If you do decide to burn or keep burning incense always make sure you have proper ventilation like having the incense close to a window.  Never burn too much incense in a smaller room. Certain guidelines can help minimize the risk but all in all it is still probably not a good idea to keep burning incense over a long period of time.

How to Use Scales for Hip Hop and Rap Production

Do you want to start making Hip Hop melodies but don’t know where to start? It can seem somewhat challenging for a beginner to make melodies and patterns. It’s best to start with the basics this way you don’t leave anything important behind. These are some of the most important factors and tips to get you going in the right direction so you can start composing melodies, rhythms, patterns, and loops in no time.


Sound Selection

Depending on what DAW you have, you may have a decent stock sound selection or a lower quality sound selection. People often say they don’t have enough sounds which may be true but still should not be one of the factors that holds you back. It takes a while to get used to different sounds like drums, synths, pianos, strings, and a lot more so dig around your DAW to make sure you listen to every sound possible. Building a good sound bank can make the whole learning process seem easier but there’s more to it than that. Good sites where free presets can be downloaded are and A few good ones on Hipstrumentals are trap god, Lex Lugger, and others as well. Many free trial or cheap DAWs don’t come loaded with a lot of VSTs so that may make it seem like it’s hard to find sounds your favorite songs would use. Look up more info on VST plugins to get a better idea.

Get to know your DAW

One of the most important factors is making sure you know how to use almost if not all parts of your DAW. If you aren’t sure about which DAW to use look up some info about the most popular ones. FL studio is a pretty good DAW which comes in different versions like the fruity edition, producer, and signature. I’d advise not to get the fruity edition due to lack of plug ins and features basically limiting your sound selection. The signature edition is probably the best since it comes with more VST’s unlike producer which lacks a few. You can get them but would have to pay for them which can make it not worth it. If trying to go out all out, go with the signature edition. FL studio is available for Windows and MAC. If you already have a DAW and are decided on what you want to use then make sure you watch videos and look up info online about your DAW if you haven’t already.


Some people say scales can be limiting. It depends on who you ask but for the most part almost everybody uses scales even if they don’t realize it. Let’s say if somebody plays something without scale knowledge and comes up with something very high quality sounding, It’ll most likely be based on a scale. Scales are basically different groups of notes on a Midi keyboard as well as other real instruments. In this case a midi keyboard works the same way as a piano when it comes to scales give or take. A scale can be repeated up and down on a midi keyboard allowing different octaves to be used possibly at the same time. I’m not one to think you need a lot of theory to get good but learning scales and other parts of music theory is very important for music production. Different scales and different keys can create different vibes and sounds. There is a lot of possibilities. there are a lot of YouTube videos and other info on scales that can be found online. Learning scales can help you with layering instruments like making different parts of a song such as the intro, verse, hook, or anything else. The instrument doesn’t always have to change pattern or be layered but doing this will allow you to feel more comfortable with using scales and music production in general.

Midi Keyboard

Unless you are’t worried about funds and can buy a larger midi later on, go with a 51 or preferably a 61 key midi right away. Having a larger 61 key midi can make a huge difference  when it comes to learning scales and playing in general. It allows more octaves to be available and doesn’t require pressing the up or down octave button on the midi to change octaves which hinders playing ability. Also it is not recommended to use your computer keyboard even though most DAWs support this. The reason is because it is not an instrument and can result in bad habits. Having a two hand rhythm and simply excelling skill wise is a lot harder on a computer keyboard. I would recommend getting a midi with pitch knobs and also midi pads if desired. These pads can map sounds like drums. Look up info on how to midi map using your DAW. A lot of DAWs will auto map the play, pause, stop, and record button automatically.

How to Use Scales for Hip Hop and Rap Production

Scales are an important part of Hip Hop production as well as a lot of other genres of music. Learning multiple Scales and keys can enhance your playing and really take your Hip Hop production to another level. There’s a lot of different scales with many of them sounding different and unique in their own right. A lot of minor scales are popular in Hip Hop but other scales can also be used like Phrygian or Locrian. Each scale has different keys. When layering instruments almost all of the time the key and scale remains the same. Sometimes it can be a mix of scales but usually its one scale and one key throughout the track. is a great website to learn about scales as well as different modes. Feel free to look up videos on YouTube as well.

It takes a little bit of practice to use scales but after a while you will be able to able to use certain chords and notes so really create a unique sound and vibe. A scale repeats of and down the keyboard allowing you to combine multiple octaves. This allows you to really come up with multiple patterns which can seem endless after enough practice. One big tip is to not really use your computer keyboard as a midi if you can help it. Learning scales and theory on a computer keyboard forms bad habits and is just not practical since it is not an instrument. Also when getting a midi, Try to get a 49 key or preferably 61 since 61 gives you 5 octaves allowing more freedom when you play. For example, a 25 key midi may seem great since its portable but it lacks the lower and high octaves on the keyboard which means you have to press the octave up or down button to get to the octave you want as apposed to just going up or down on a 61 key midi. It depends on how in depth you are playing but if interested in learning scales and really taking advantage of multiple octaves it is recommended to get at least a 61 key midi even though a 49 key is still somewhat acceptable. If you really want to have full control of each octave and you have the room, you can go with a 73 key if desired.

So after all of the above it’s mostly practice and getting used to your midi keyboard. Feel free to look up more information on music theory and scales. There is no secret to making music, it’s strong fundamentals combined with practice and getting used to sounds. One important thing to note for a beginner is to make sure you don’t have your gain or volume levels to high on your DAW. This can cause issues with sound quality and result in poor gain staging. As long as everything is even and not to low or high you should be OK. Look up more info on gain staging if interested. Hope this helps with your hip hop and rap production, as well as music in general.