Pokemon go

Pokemon go has been out for a while now. Some people say its a good way to get out into the open world. Other people say its a good way to cause an accident. Ether way there’s no denying that this game swept the nation. Would I spend my time playing go? Heck no I have blogs to post. Besides flying in a jet through los santos (gta5) is more my thing.

I mean on the bright side if you collect enough pokemon and your account is worthy then you can end up selling your account for some cash. This doesnt happen with everybody and it will take alot of work. So even though pokemon is addictive I would rather spend my time blogging or doing other computer related things.


Are online surveys worth your time?

Online surveys can earn you a little bit of cash on the side in your free time. Is it worth it? Online surveys aren’t for everyone. There are multiple online survey sites that offer payment through pay pal, check, or gift cards. Certain sites have a better reputation than others but each work the same way. Dont expect to make more then a few dollars a day off each site at most, however you can earn bigger bucks doing a special survey such as an in store survey. I find these to be rare and have never used a site that offered high paying surveys.

A few decent sites/apps that I have used are inbox dollars and quick thought surveys. They are both available as apps on a smartphone or as regular websites. The good news with inbox dollars is that they can send you a check once you hit thirty dollars. You can make up to around 75 cents per day watching videos and stratching off the bonus tickets that often appear after each video. The money earned is credited to your account the next day. If using the app the navigation buttons are always on the bottom of the app. This makes accidentally backing out of a survey possible so be carefull.

You also receive usually around one or two paid emails a day which are worth two cents each after you confirm them. You can earn up to fiften cents a day using the their search engine if you search daily. The main source is surveys. You can earn anywhere from twenty five cents to two dollar’s on average usually on the lower side. It can be a little frustrating since a lot of surveys have strict criteria. Combined with all this and you can make up to a few dollars a day if consistent.

Quick thoughts is one of the first survey apps. You usually earn a dollar or sometimes more for each survey you take however with quick thoughts you can only redeem ten dollar amazon gift cards. This shouldn’t bother most people because for a survey site, you can rack up money quicker then you would think. You can make anywhere from a dollar to seven dollars a day. If you don’t qualify for a survey you still earn ten cents for trying. I’ve made nine dollars in a day before and qualified for most surveys.

So is are online surveys worth your time? In my opinion they can be. If you treat it as it is and be patient you can really save up a decent amount of money on the side. However if interested it’s fair to say that you should try it out for yourself and see if you think it’s worth your time or not.

Is fast food that bad for you? 

About 25% of americans eat fast food more than twice a week. Everybody eats fast food at one point or another. It just depends on how much you eat and what you eat. If you consume fast food more then once or twice a week that’s probably more then you should. Not everyone has a perfect diet however eating fast food consistently is not one of the healthiest choices.

Fast food industries scored a 48 out of 100 for the Federal Nutrition Guidelines for Americans. Fast food usually has a high amount of calories, unhealthy fats, sugar, and sodium. Fast food also contributes to obesity. Eating fast food once in a while isn’t nearly as bad as multiple times per week. Fast food restaurants usually dont focus advertisements on healthier eating options, however restaurant menus do a have a selection of healthier options that are sometimes overlooked.

So if you decide to stop by a fast food restaurant once in a while say maybe one to three times a month while regularly eating a somewhat healthy balanced diet, then I wouldn’t worry too much especially when you have the option to order healthier options. So yes fast food is bad for you no matter how you look at it but consuming it every once in a while isn’t terrible.