What is the best martial art? 

If you’ve been thinking about joining a martial arts gym and can’t decide on which type of martial art to start training then this might make options clearer for you. There are different types of martial arts and each one offers something different. People have their opinions but not every martial art is equally effective. This list will explain the different types of the most effective martial arts and how effective each one is compared to the other.

  • Boxing –  Boxing is one of the most effective martial arts. They say most street fights end up on the ground but not if you have the ability to keep it standing up. Boxing will teach you how to throw fast powerfull punches while evadings your oppenents strikes with blocks and head movement. One solid punch from a trained boxer and you might get knocked out cold. Since boxing only focuses on hands its possible to get good at boxing relatively quicker then some other martial arts. If your looking for a good workout, solid self defense, and a little bit of sparring( if you choose to spar ), then boxing is an excellent choice. 
  • Kickboxing – Kickboxing uses only punches and kicks unlike muay thai. Muay thai is slightly different from kickboxing. I recommend it over kickboxing because of its diverse attack and effectiveness
  • Muay thai – Muay thai is the art of eight limbs. Punches, knees, kicks, and elbows are used. A muay thai kick lands with the shin and is very dangerous. If thrown hard enough it can break someones leg. Muay thai also uses boxing technique so as a striking art muay thai is the most diverse which makes it a very effective form of martial arts. 
  • Wrestling – Wrestling is mostly about control and position. Wrestling is great for self defense but similar to jiu jitsu it is limited with multiple oppenents. It consists of grappling and takedowns.
  • Jiu jitsu – Jiu jitsu is grappling with submissions. It is traditional to wear the uniform which is called a gi but it is also practiced with no gi. It is simillar to wrestling but different in terms of positions, submissions, and control. Jiu jitsu is great but not being trained as a striker can make a altercation difficult with multiple opponents. Havig a little boxing training mixed with jiu jitsu is always a good idea. Jiu jitsu and wrestling can both be effective forms of defense but jiu jitsu has the slight edge because of the submissions which is effective in the street.
  • MMA – Mixed martial arts is a mix of different martial arts as the name implies. MMA gyms will have boxing, muay thai, wrestling, and jiu jitsu coaches. MMA is perfect for self defense. You can subdue an out of control person or defend yourself with strikes. MMA might be the best form of self defense because of the different scenarios it can deal with.
  • Krav maga – Krav maga is one the most effective martial arts. Its main focus is self defense which covers multiple attackers, knife defense, and gun defense. If you live in a high crime area or just feel the need to be ready for anything then krav maga might be for you. 

    Which martial art is the most effective and best to learn? Well look up some videos and see which one you might like best. If its for self defense any of the striking arts listed will do well. Unless you know how to fight standing up or plan on learning both then I would leave jiu jitsu by itself out of the picture if your talking strictly about self defense.

    I didnt list karate or taekwondo because these martial arts arent as effective as the ones that I listed. This is just my opinion. They are great fun martial arts just not as effective as others. Good luck training. 


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    Is MMA safer than boxing?


    MMA has become increasing popular over the last few years. MMA may seem dangerous at first glance but did you know that MMA is safer than boxing? There has been a lot more serious and fatal injuries reported in boxing then in MMA. There are rules in MMA that keep the fighter safer.

    Different sized gloves

    The size of the boxing glove makes a difference. Since the glove is bigger and has a lot of padding more impact is absorbed to the head of the opponent. In MMA the glove is a lot thinner making alot more direct contact with the persons fist. This doesn’t disperse as much impact to the head which makes the MMA glove safer.

    Standing eight count

    In boxing there is a standing eight count. This rule gives fighters eight seconds to get back up after they’ve been knocked down by a punch. The problem with this is that a boxer can suffer a concussion and then get back up a few seconds later to fight. Getting knocked out after already having a concussion can be very dangerous.

    Of course somebody can suffer a concussion while fighting in MMA and continue. However in MMA when the fighter is knocked out or unable to defend themselves the fight is usually stopped. This makes the rules in MMA safer.

    Shorter rounds

    In MMA the rounds are shorter. Pro MMA has three five-minute rounds or five five-minute rounds for championship fights. In pro boxing the rounds can be anywhere from four to twelve depending on experience. Twelve is for championship fights.

    Striking, grappling, and submissions

    In MMA kicks and knees are allowed. This means more areas can be targeted such as the midsection and legs resulting in less strikes to the head as opposed to boxing which is just punches.

    Fights have been won in MMA before by not throwing any strikes. The grappling aspect of MMA allows a fighter to take the fight to the floor. Once on the floor a fighter can win by tko or submission. This also makes MMA safer than boxing.


    At the end of the day MMA seems to be significantly safer than boxing for a few reasons.