Upgrading my plan

I’m thinking about upgrading my plan so that I can automatically put ads on my page. I just hope its worth it. A few of my pages got to page one on bing as well as page 3 for google. I dont want to wait to apply for wordads since it will take a while. It’ll be a slow proccess at first only making a few cents a day but in the end its all worth it. With that said I think I’m going to upgrade tonight and create a post or two. 

Any questions or advice let me know. I plan to keep at this for a while and I hope that everything that I have posted so far is worth the read. 


Today was decent

So today I spent pretty much the whole day doing online surveys and a few blog posts. It didn’t feel like much else which is fine by me. My recent mma vs boxing post is on page three of google and Two of bing. Hopefully they go higher up but for now that is great for me. 

I paid for the personal plan where you can apply for wordads after sometime. I wanted to start blogging asap so I felt like I couldn’t wait to pay for the premium plan with access to automatic ads, I really hope they accept me after I get enough traffic. Something tells me I shouldn’t be worried so I’m just going to go with it.

I already have a Facebook page that I’m slowly building. At some point I do plan on making a youtube channel. So aside from waiting everything seems to be going quite well. Any questions that you think I may have the answer to feel free to ask. 

I’m back

So about a month later I finally have an updated domain where I can apply for ads after I get enough traffic. I could have waited and got the premium plan so I can automatically put ads on my page but my funds were tight and I didnt want to wait. I ended up going with the personal plan.

With that said I’m here to stay. My goal is to share my knowledge and information with the world and I am glad that I am able to start blogging again. I was hesitant with picking thebloggingpot.com which was the same site as the previous just without .wordpress added. The reason why is duplicate content. However I went with it because I’ve been told that if the site is deleted then there should be no conflict of indexing so im not to worried.

I just got done setting up my widgets and site content. It looks like its good to go. Now its time to start posting articles about a wide range of topics that anybody can find interesting and be worth their time.

Thankyou everybody please let me know if you have an questions or feed back. Happy blogging.