What is the best martial art? 

If you’ve been thinking about joining a martial arts gym and can’t decide on which type of martial art to start training then this might make options clearer for you. There are different types of martial arts and each one offers something different. People have their opinions but not every martial art is equally effective. This list will explain the different types of the most effective martial arts and how effective each one is compared to the other.

  • Boxing –  Boxing is one of the most effective martial arts. They say most street fights end up on the ground but not if you have the ability to keep it standing up. Boxing will teach you how to throw fast powerfull punches while evadings your oppenents strikes with blocks and head movement. One solid punch from a trained boxer and you might get knocked out cold. Since boxing only focuses on hands its possible to get good at boxing relatively quicker then some other martial arts. If your looking for a good workout, solid self defense, and a little bit of sparring( if you choose to spar ), then boxing is an excellent choice. 
  • Kickboxing – Kickboxing uses only punches and kicks unlike muay thai. Muay thai is slightly different from kickboxing. I recommend it over kickboxing because of its diverse attack and effectiveness
  • Muay thai – Muay thai is the art of eight limbs. Punches, knees, kicks, and elbows are used. A muay thai kick lands with the shin and is very dangerous. If thrown hard enough it can break someones leg. Muay thai also uses boxing technique so as a striking art muay thai is the most diverse which makes it a very effective form of martial arts. 
  • Wrestling – Wrestling is mostly about control and position. Wrestling is great for self defense but similar to jiu jitsu it is limited with multiple oppenents. It consists of grappling and takedowns.
  • Jiu jitsu – Jiu jitsu is grappling with submissions. It is traditional to wear the uniform which is called a gi but it is also practiced with no gi. It is simillar to wrestling but different in terms of positions, submissions, and control. Jiu jitsu is great but not being trained as a striker can make a altercation difficult with multiple opponents. Havig a little boxing training mixed with jiu jitsu is always a good idea. Jiu jitsu and wrestling can both be effective forms of defense but jiu jitsu has the slight edge because of the submissions which is effective in the street.
  • MMA – Mixed martial arts is a mix of different martial arts as the name implies. MMA gyms will have boxing, muay thai, wrestling, and jiu jitsu coaches. MMA is perfect for self defense. You can subdue an out of control person or defend yourself with strikes. MMA might be the best form of self defense because of the different scenarios it can deal with.
  • Krav maga – Krav maga is one the most effective martial arts. Its main focus is self defense which covers multiple attackers, knife defense, and gun defense. If you live in a high crime area or just feel the need to be ready for anything then krav maga might be for you. 

    Which martial art is the most effective and best to learn? Well look up some videos and see which one you might like best. If its for self defense any of the striking arts listed will do well. Unless you know how to fight standing up or plan on learning both then I would leave jiu jitsu by itself out of the picture if your talking strictly about self defense.

    I didnt list karate or taekwondo because these martial arts arent as effective as the ones that I listed. This is just my opinion. They are great fun martial arts just not as effective as others. Good luck training. 


    Is whey protein bad for you?

    Whey protein is a protein supplement used by athletes, body builders, and average women, or men trying to build muscle or optimize athletic performance. Alot of people are quick to have a protein shake or two throughout the day without thinking about if they really need it. Is whey protein bad for you? 

    Whey protein is one of the proteins found in milk along with casein. It is seperated from the casein or formed as a by-product of cheese making. Is is a complete protein with all 9 essential animo acids. It is has many benefits that can also come from a real food diet. If one is to consume whey protein the suggested amount is 20-25 grams a day or less depending on your needs. 

    It is recommend to get your protein from a healthy diet and not protein supplementation. To much whey protein can put strain on the liver and kidneys, increase body fat, and cause other health issues. It is important to know how much whey protein to consume if you decide to consume it. Usually one serving a day is enough which is right around the suggested daily intake.

    Knowing how many grams of protein per day is important. The DRI( Dietary Reference Intake) is 0.36 grams per pound of body weight. This is 56 grams per day for the average sedentary man and 46 per day for the average sedentary women. For athletes or more active people protein consumption is 0.5-0.7 grams per pound of body weight. If an athlete weighs 150 pound the protein intake per day should be 75-85 grams of protein per day.

    So is whey protein bad for you? It can be if you consume to much. Always remember to limit your daily intake if you decide to use it and allways get most if not all of your protein from a healthy protein diet. Since protein powder is processed your best bet is to get protein from fish, nuts, beef, chicken, and other real protein foods.

    Android vs Iphone

    When it comes to smartphones you most likely ether have an android or an iphone. Each smartphone has its differences which sets it apart from one another. At the end of the day each smartphone can accomplish the same task. Preference is the main factor as to why people use ether android or iOS also because it’s the smartphone they got used to first.

    User friendly and customization 

    This plays a key role in deciding which phone is best for you. The iphone is known to be easy to use and a bit more simple then android. That may be true however this makes the iphone less customizable then android. The iphone does not allow you to set default apps forcing you to use the safari browser by default. Chrome or other browsers won’t run as fast as safari on ios devices because they aren’t allowed to access safaris javascript library. Notifications are easier to edit and clear on android. You can prioritize your notifications. Android allows you to move around apps on the home screen to your preference and hide apps in the app drawer which you dont use. Widgets are better and more usefull on android. Android also has 3rd party launchers allowing you to change your home screen completely. Android is open platform meaning alot of developers can customize and personalize alot of android devices. People may not use such as a fancy new home screen which actually runs down your battery and device performance slightly. However android still wins the argument for being the most customizable. ios wins the argument for being the more simple and easy to use phone. 

    Voice assistant

    Siri on the iphone gets the vote. Siri has a funner personality and understands language better. It can also do more. Androids voice assistance isn’t bad but is still a little behind siri in terms of capability.

    System updates and security 

    Apple updates its devices more frequently then android making it the slightly more secure device. Since only apple makes ios devices they have alot more control over the updates. Apple is also better as supporting older devices then android. Google nexus or pixel devices are the only android devices that update regularly because they are directly overseen by google. Alot more malware is written for android because of the amount of users and because its an easier target. 


    Apps are almost always launched on ios before android. Periscope was availble for two months on ios before it was available on android. This may be a plus for iphone users but shouldn’t be a huge factor since almost all apps are availble for both devices in the end. 

    Device performance and hardware

    Even though apple devices tend to have slower processors, the user interface still feels a bit more fluid then android. However, a well built android device will also run pretty smoothly. The iOS UI (user interface) is the slightly more smooth and fluid choice. With that said well built android devices will still outperform ios devices in terms of hardware. 

    Screen resolution and quality 

    Iphones use a retina display which first appeared on the iphone 4. The resolution of the latest android devices is greater then that of the iphone. Both devices look great however the screen of a high end android device wil look a little more detailed and vivid then an iphone screen will. If you want the best looking screen out there for watching your youtube videos and other content go with one of the high end android devices.


    Inexpensive lower end android devices can have lower quality cameras. However if you compare a well built up to date android device against a up to date iphone, both smartphones will take very high quality pictures. However the iphone seems to take more natural looking photos. It is important to know that the iphone doesnt have unlimited storage like android does making android the superior choice for photo storage. 


    It depends on the device but usually android wins this argument. Alot of android devices now come with fast charging capability allowing them to charge faster then iphones. With that said it still doesn’t take that much longer to charge an iphone however it can be a factor for alot of people deciding which smartphone to use. 


    So which phone is superior? Honestly I’m an android user and I still don’t think android is superior it’s just what i prefer. I really can’t say you have to decide which is better for you. 

    Are video games bad for you?

    Video games are very popular and always have been. Way back to sega and nintendo 64 systems and now to PS4 and Xbox one systems. Mobile gaming on smartphones has also been increasingly popular. Some people dont play much video games and others spend countless hours playing GTA or Call of duty online. Video games can be alot of fun but is it ok to sit and look at a Tv screen for countless hours? Here are the things to consider while playing video games.

    Violent behavior 

    Some studies claim that people who play violent video games can be more aggressive and accepting of violence. This should be taken lightly because it all depends on the persons age, history of any medical problems, and the type of scenarios in the video game they are playing. So yes video games can possibly make somebody more aggresive but underlying problems are likely the main cause and are otherwise fine for a healthy normal person. With that said most rated mature games are still inappropriate for young viewers. 


    Your eyes are very important so its no surprise that incorrect lighting and other factors can put strain on your eyes. When playing video games always use proper lighting to reduce glare. It is a good idea to take short breaks every so often also. The national institute of health actually proved that proved that action video games can enhance visual processing which lets gamers see things easier and clear. Video game therapy is also used to treat lazy eye.

    Correct posture

    If you often play video games it is important to use correct posture while sitting. Incorrect posture can lead to shoulder stiffness. It helps to have a comfortable chair or couch. Taking short breaks to avoid playing for long hours is a good idea. 

    Lack of activity and exercise 

    Some people can argue that video games are unproductive. This is true to an extent because long hours of playing every day can get in the way of other tasks and other activities. Video games can also make you loose track of time and interfere with your sleeping schedule which can be an issue for people who have to wake up early. If you already spend your free time staying up late watching tv and other leisurely activities then video games should be fine for you. However if you feel like video games are taking up valuable time then you may want to play less then you’re currently playing.

    Triggering seizures 

    People with epilepsy should avoid playing video games or even viewing them. Unless cleared by a doctor, witch is unlikely, video games can trigger seizures in people with epilepsy. Most video games will have a warning displayed on the introduction screens when you first start playing. 
    With all this said, video games are safe as long as you use good judgement and take precaution.

    Are beats headphones good? 

    Beats headphones are known more or less as the expensive headphones with booming bass. They are popular around the holidays. They have different styles and types to choose from as well as different colors. Without paying much attention to specifications and detail one might think a pair of Beats headphones is a good buy. These are the reasons why Beats may not be as good as they seem. These are just my honest opinions nothing less nothing more.

    Build quality
    Beats are made out of mostly plastic. They get a good score for looks since they look nice. Other then that the material is known to be susceptible to cracks and breakage. One drop and they’ll most likely break. People have also complained about the left or right ear phone shorting out. If you take care of them then they may last for a while but with the price tag it’s a no for me. 

    Sound quality 
    The sound quality isn’t bad it’s just not very good ether. They are promoted as headphones with studio like bass but the bass isnt as clear as it could be. Its rather on the muddy side which drowns out the mids and highs which to began with didn’t sound to clear. The mids and highs sound supressed. You can get a pair of Audio Technica ATH – M50 for $150 which will sound way better then the mids and highs on any pair of beats. The bass isn’t as muddy and sounds alot more acurate without drowning out the mids and highs. 

    So with all this is mind are beats worth the price tag? In my opinion definitely not. People make decisions without realizing what else is available for the same or better price. It is up to you however I would take some time and review better headphones on the market. 

    Upgrading my plan

    I’m thinking about upgrading my plan so that I can automatically put ads on my page. I just hope its worth it. A few of my pages got to page one on bing as well as page 3 for google. I dont want to wait to apply for wordads since it will take a while. It’ll be a slow proccess at first only making a few cents a day but in the end its all worth it. With that said I think I’m going to upgrade tonight and create a post or two. 

    Any questions or advice let me know. I plan to keep at this for a while and I hope that everything that I have posted so far is worth the read. 

    Pokemon go

    Pokemon go has been out for a while now. Some people say its a good way to get out into the open world. Other people say its a good way to cause an accident. Ether way there’s no denying that this game swept the nation. Would I spend my time playing go? Heck no I have blogs to post. Besides flying in a jet through los santos (gta5) is more my thing.

    I mean on the bright side if you collect enough pokemon and your account is worthy then you can end up selling your account for some cash. This doesnt happen with everybody and it will take alot of work. So even though pokemon is addictive I would rather spend my time blogging or doing other computer related things.