Different Web Browsers

A web browser is a program that is used to access the internet. A web browser is always pre installed on any PC operating system or mobile operating system. It is the program that you use to listen to music, watch videos, and read email. A Mac(PC) and iOS (I phone) both come with their own pre installed Safari browser. Linux and Windows also come with a pre installed browser. Linux usually comes with Ice Weasel which is a variant of Firefox. Windows comes with a pre installed browser called Internet Explorer. The newer Windows browser is called Microsoft Edge which has new security improvements. Android comes with a basic pre installed browser. The Safari browser is unique to Apple and can only be installed on Apple devices, unlike Google Chrome and Firefox which can be downloaded on other devices. Each web browser has it’s own functionality but the settings on popular well known browsers are relatively the same. Some other unpopular web browsers don’t have the best security and therefore shouldn’t be used. This is a list of the most popular and most used web browsers.

Internet Explorer

This is the web browser that is pre installed on Windows operating systems. It was first introduced when Windows 95 came out. Internet Explorer dominated the market for so long until other browsers like Chrome and Firefox started gaining ground. It isn’t the most secure browser compared to others which makes people not want to use it.

Microsoft Edge

This is the new browser introduced in 2015 when Windows 10 came out. The browser has significant security improvements over Internet Explorer.

Mozilla Firefox

Created in 2002 under the project name Phoenix by the Mozilla community. It was released in 2004. Mozilla Firefox was the first browser challenge Internet Explorer’s dominance. Available for MAC OS, Windows, and Linux. Firefox for iOS was released in late 2015. All of these platforms use the Ghecko layout to render web pages except iOS due to Apple’s restrictions limiting other web browsers like Chrome to the web-kit based engine built into iOS.

Google Chrome

Developed by Google. Google Chrome was first released in 2008 for Windows and was later made available for Linux and MAC.

Opera Browser

Developed by Opera software. Available for MAC, Linux, and Windows. Out of the web browsers listed it is the least popular browser. It had a reputation for being a slow browser with to many features for a while until recently. The new version has significant security improvements over the earlier versions. It is now considered a decent web browser but It is still at the bottom of the popularity list.

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