Are 4k TV’s Really Worth The Upgrade?

Is now good time to buy a 4k TV? That depends. 4k TV’s have become more affordable recently and are being pushed as the hd standard. 1080p TV’s aren’t being produced as much as they were. Some are still made but they are budget, smaller sized TV’s. If you need a new TV then a 4k TV makes sense however if you’re thinking about upgrading to 4k from a decent 1080p TV may not be worth it.

4k has four times as many pixels then 1080p. 4k is known as 2160p. A 4k TV has 2160 rows and 3840 columns of pixels. 1080p is 1080 rows and 1920 columns of pixels. In order to view content in 4k you need a device that’s 4k compatible such as a PS4 pro or a 4k Blu-Ray player. Otherwise it won’t be in 4k such as a Blu-Ray player or PS3. However, Netflix and other services have started to stream content in 4k which is a plus. A 1080p tv is already HD. You also need to be sitting close enough to notice the difference. If you are sitting from more then about 7 feet away, which is the normal viewing distance then you probably won’t notice much of a difference.

So the decision is up to you. It all depends on what you already have and if you think it is worth it. You can take this advice or also use judgement. In the end it’s your choice. Since they don’t make many 720p or 1080p TV’s anymore and they price isn’t that high for 4k then it might be worth it. Just know that if your sitting close to the TV you won’t notice a big difference which is the reason why you would need a relatively large TV so that you can be within the proper viewing range to notice the 4k difference.

Author: Craig Perez

I post about technology and other topics.

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