Android VS IPhone – Which is the Better Device?

When it comes to smartphones you most likely ether have an android or an iphone. Each smartphone has its differences which sets it apart from one another. At the end of the day each smartphone can accomplish the same task. Preference is the main factor as to why people use ether android or iOS also because it’s the smartphone they got used to first.

User friendly and customization

This plays a key role in deciding which phone is best for you. The iphone is known to be easy to use and a bit more simple than android. That may be true however this makes the iphone less customizable then android. The iphone does not allow you to set default apps forcing you to use the safari browser by default. Chrome or other browsers won’t run as fast as safari on ios devices because they aren’t allowed to access safaris javascript library. Notifications are easier to edit and clear on android. You can prioritize your notifications. Android allows you to move around apps on the home screen to your preference and hide apps in the app drawer which you don’t use. Widgets are better and more usefull on android. Android also has 3rd party launchers allowing you to change your home screen completely. Android is open platform meaning developers can customize and personalize a lot of android devices. People may not use such as a fancy new home screen which actually runs down your battery and device performance slightly. However android still wins the argument for being the most customizable. ios wins the argument for being the more simple and easy to use phone.

Voice assistant

Siri on the iPhone gets the vote. Siri has a funner personality and understands language better. It can also do more. Androids voice assistance isn’t bad but is still a little behind siri in terms of capability.

System updates and security

Apple updates its devices more frequently then android making it the slightly more secure device. Since only apple makes ios devices they have a lot more control over the updates. Apple is also better as supporting older devices than android. Google nexus or pixel devices are the only android devices that update regularly because they are directly overseen by google. A lot more malware is written for android because of the amount of users and because it’s an easier target.


Apps are almost always launched on ios before android. Periscope was available for two months on ios before it was available on android. This may be a plus for iphone users but shouldn’t be a huge factor since almost all apps are available for both devices in the end.

Device performance and hardware

Even though apple devices tend to have slower processors, the user interface still feels a bit more fluid than android. However, a well built android device will also run pretty smoothly. The iOS UI (user interface) is the slightly more smooth and fluid choice. With that said well built android devices will still outperform ios devices in terms of hardware.

Screen resolution and quality

Iphones use a retina display which first appeared on the iphone 4. The resolution of the latest android devices is greater then that of the iphone. Both devices look great however the screen of a high end android device will look a little more detailed and vivid then an iphone scree. If you want the best looking screen out there for watching your YouTube videos and other content go with one of the high end android devices.


Inexpensive lower end android devices can have lower quality cameras. However if you compare a well built up to date android device against a up to date iphone, both smartphones will take very high quality pictures. However the iphone seems to take more natural looking photos. It is important to know that the iphone doesn’t have unlimited storage like android does, making android the superior choice for photo storage.


It depends on the device but usually android wins this argument. A lot of android devices now come with fast charging capability allowing them to charge faster then iphones. With that said it still doesn’t take that much longer to charge an iphone, however it can be a factor for a lot of people deciding which smartphone to use.


So which phone is superior? Honestly I’m an android user and I still don’t think android is superior it’s just what I prefer. I really can’t say, you have to decide which is better for you.

Author: Craig Perez

I post about technology and other topics.

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